the experience

You eat, you drink, you race, you earn. From Rookie to Elite you can choose your skill level, meaning that even the absolute beginner can go wheel to wheel with a seasoned pro. Whatever the occasion, we have a race mode for you. Get your group, grab a cocktail, jump in the driver's seat & experience the thrill of social gaming. Are you ready to get in the fast lane?


The ideal race mode to give you the ultimate experience. We'll split your group into teams that compete against each other to earn points. The number of teams is dependent on group size and each team has their own simulator. You’ll have plenty of time to eat, drink and socialise whilst you cheer your teammates on around the track.
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Head to Head gives you a shorter & more intense racing experience. When it’s just you and a couple of friends, you can jump into your own sim and see who comes out on top. You'll have the choice of three races (approx 30 mins) or five races (approx 45 mins).
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Individual racing that pits you directly against other drivers of a similar skill level. Simply show up, sign in and get racing. Newcomers start in Grade 9 and work their way up - how you perform will see you progress up or slip down the grades. The higher you go, the bigger the prizes but also bigger the risks! Taking place every Monday, Tuesday & Sunday nights.
For those who want that true to life F1® Experience, Grand Prix Sessions feature a Practice session, a 10-minute Qualification followed by a 25-minute Grand Prix. This is winner takes all racing, so make sure you work out your tyre strategy along the way! Available to book Saturday & Sunday mornings.

In-Venue Games

Racing isn't the only game you can play. There are two other games that test your reaction speed. If you think you’re quick off the mark, step up to Lights Out. The F1® starting lights count down 3..2..1 and go! Or sharpen your reflexes to F1 driver level with React, our Batak-style game where hand-eye coordination and reaction speed come together. Purchase tickets to play our games in the F1 Arcade Hub.



The F1 Arcade Hub is the centre of our universe. From here you’ll have access to your personal Arcadian stash and in-venue games, along with exclusive products and VIP experiences. You’ll need a profile in order to race, gain points and earn currency, so get a head start and set up your F1 Arcade Hub now.

Earn More With Arcadians

Arcadians are our exclusive currency system. They live in your F1 Arcade Hub & can be exchanged for drinks at the bar, in-venue games, prize draws for F1 race tickets, merchandise, exclusive events & more. Arcadians can be earned through loyalty programmes, bought in the Arcade Hub & won racing in venue. The more you race with F1 Arcade, the more Arcadians you earn.

Food & Drinks

Whether you’re racing at the sims or sitting in the bar, you can enjoy top culinary dishes from around the world. We have a menu of crowd-pleasers elevated with a twist & complemented by an extensive selection of champagne, cocktails, fine wines and beers. We have something to suit all tastes and occasions.