F1® Arcade Skill Levels

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F1® Arcade Skill Levels

F1 Arcade was designed with first time drivers in mind, as well as those a bit more experienced.

We have 5 difficulty levels you can choose from so that even the absolute beginner can compete against a pro! Here’s our guide to helping you find the best difficulty level for you.

Tip: we recommend starting on rookie or casual if you haven’t raced before. Although we do our best to ease you in to the driving, this is still F1 simulation racing, so brake and steer a bit harder than you think you need to!


This is for the very beginners.

What assistance do you get? Racing lines and ai assist. Plus auto clutch, braking assistance, stability control, spin recovery are all on HIGH for the Rookies amongst us as is the anti-lock braking system plus there’s a medium level of steering assistance.


We have switched the steering assistance to low for the casual racers, but everything else remains the same as Rookie level. A great level to start on.


The braking assistance is now low, and throttle control is medium – giving you more control over the throttle gives you more power over your accelerating. This can lead to you spinning the car- so try to accelerate only when your steering wheel is pointing straight. We recommend this level once you are comfortable with casual as handling can get a little trickier!


The difference between semi-pro and pro is probably the biggest jump between the skill levels, but don’t worry, you’re ready for the challenge!

There is no stability control, steering or braking assistance for the Pros. The steering wheel can now lock up, for example when you turn hard right, then immediately turn hard left and we have also turned off the spin recovery assistance.


You have now reached the highest difficulty level, with the least assistance. Racing line is gone, you are now in manual and if you find yourself in the pit – you will have to put yourself in the right position. Throttle control is low, it’s all on you now.

So, which difficulty level are you?


F1® Arcade Race Modes
F1® Arcade Race Modes
Here is a guide on our racing modes so you know exactly what to expect and can choose the perfect race mode for you and your group when booking at F1® Arcade.

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