F1® Racing Experience

F1® Racing Experience

Bar, dine, race and earn at F1® Arcade: a social gaming experience that’s sure to get your engine revving. From rookie racer to seasoned speedster, our unique F1 experience caters to all skill levels, giving everyone a chance to battle it out on the track. From date night to corporate events, our multiple race modes suit every type of event.


Our simulators are top-of-the-line, designed to emulate the thrills of F1 racing. Team up or go head to head. Hop on with your friends or family and experience the excitement and the full-motion of a Formula One car as you drive around the world's most iconic tracks.

TEAM RACING: 6 or more drivers
This is the most exhilarating way to experience F1 Arcade. Your group will be divided into teams, with each team competing for points. Cheer on your fellow teammates while eating and drinking throughout your session. Starting from 1 hour 30 minutes depending on your group size.
HEAD TO HEAD: 1-5 drivers
For smaller group sizes, challenge your friends, family and colleagues to find out who will earn top spot on the podium. These fast-paced, intense races are perfect for you and a few other racers. Sessions will last up to 30 minutes, including a briefing, 3 back to back races with quick breaks in between plus results at the end.

Level up your F1® Arcade Experience

The F1® Arcade Hub is the center of the whole F1® Arcade experience. Here you can access your personal Arcadian stash and in-venue games, plus exclusive products and VIP experiences. Get ahead of the game by setting up your Driver Profile on the F1® Arcade Hub now to race, gain points, and earn valuable currency.

Earn More With Arcadians

Arcadians are the beating heart of the F1® Arcade Hub. A currency unique to F1® Arcade, you can redeem them for immersive in-venue games, merchandise, chances to win F1 race tickets, and exclusive events. You can earn Arcadians by winning races within the venue and up for grabs through our loyalty initiatives. It’s simple. The more you race at F1® Arcade, the more Arcadians you’ll earn.

In-Venue Games

Test your reaction time like a real F1 driver with our in-venue game, React. A Batak-style game where only those with speedy reactions and good hand-eye coordination will succeed.

Food and Drinks

Every racer needs a break at some point - and how better to refuel and recharge than with a refreshing drink and a bite to eat.


F1 Arcade will get you as close to the action as possible with viewing screens, sim racing, VIP hospitality and DJs to keep the party going. We started with a Miami Grand Prix Watch Party in Boston, now showing all Grand Prix races live.



Challenge yourself to rise up the grades and race against other guests in the venue, in our live racing mode, coming soon. No matter your skill level, join us to earn experience points (XP) to progress! Use Arcadians to book races via the Arcade Hub.

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