F1® Arcade Race Modes

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F1® Arcade Race Modes

Understanding our Race Modes

Here is a guide on our racing modes so you know exactly what to expect and can choose the perfect race mode for you and your group when booking at F1® Arcade.


Perfect for 1 – 5 drivers taking part in 3.

Head-to-head is our racing mode which is designed for solo drivers or small groups as you will each be assigned one simulator per person.

Race against yourself or others in your group to claim ultimate bragging rights.

All of your races are back to back, so eating or drinking can be done before or after your races.

You take part in 3 races (booking length, approximately 30minutes), with a couple of minutes between races to catch your breath and get back racing.

Start by selecting your skill level, for new players, we recommend starting on casual but you can find out more about the different skill levels here. There will be a tutorial at the start of your race to get you ready for the chequered flag. Between races, there will be a short break before taking on the next track. Once all races are completed, you will be provided with a summary on your simulator screen to see how you did! Also- each race winner will receive 25 Arcadians, these can be spent in venue or on the Arcade Hub.

Team Racing

Perfect for: 6+ people

This race mode is the ultimate racing mode designed for teams and groups of 6 or more. On the day, you and your guests will be automatically placed into teams across a set of simulators and take turns racing. Each guest competes in 4 races, and the team with the most points at the end, wins!

The focus is on socialising as much as it is racing, so each players races will be spread out over the booking, allowing for time to chat, eat, drink and have a laugh.

For example a group of 20 will be split into five teams of 4 and compete against each other. Each team will compete in a number of races to earn points and the team that gains the most points at the end of the session, wins. There are also points available for the less skilled drivers, which can go a long way to winning the title! The session time will vary depending on the group size but starts at 1hour and 10minutes.


Coming soon.... The newest of our game modes, elevating the experience with graded racing. Compete against opponents of similar-level to progress through the grades and win BIG. Show up in a group or own your own, Challenger is about the community of light hearted rivalry.

Check the schedule of races on the Hub and choose the races you want to enter. You’ll pay with Arcadians.

And don't think you need to be a sim racing expert- in fact we’ve built this with newcomers and casuals in mind.


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Experience the heart racing thrills of Head-to-Head, Team Based Racing, and Grand Prix Sessions.